Tropical Thatch Self Standing Gazebo

$1950.00 excluding GST

3.2m roof with balustrades and ply floor. Natural Thatch will typically have a life of 5-10 years in New Zealand conditions and correctly installed will be “98%” waterproof.

A level of experience is required for optimum installation. Our kitsets are designed to provide the best result if DIY install is preferred. The thatch is easily installed on a gable roof, however requires a special roof design to install on hip roofs. If you don’t know the difference between the two, please ask. Please note; fees apply to design roof structures and or re‐design or rectify installations where we have not designed and or installed.

Natural tiles should not be installed over ply, iron etc as the surface touching the ply will remain wet and they will deteriorate faster typically 3‐4 years. The natural tiles have an “expected” life of 5‐7 years (if they are under trees or wet all the time then they will deteriorate faster). Once a year the thatch should be “groomed” to remove dust and dirt and loose reeds, and may need a spray with insecticide at 2‐3 years. Typically in the North Island’s “wet” climate they will require replacement at about 6‐7 years. A discount of 10% is provided for re‐thatch.

Because our synthetic thatch tiles are made from polyolefin not PVC and have a flexible binding they are a very durable and versatile product. The synthetic tiles have an expected life of 15 years plus. They are made from polyolefin and have UV and colour stabilisers added, not PVC which tends to become brittle when exposed to the sun. SynPalm thatch can be installed by itself as a cover providing similar “waterproofness” as the natural tiles, or over ply. When installed correctly the SynPalm tiles will provide a roof that is 98% waterproof i.e. there will be the odd drip in continuous rain. It requires mid tile support when installed by itself. SynReed thatch is designed to be installed over ply. It can be installed by itself as a covering and it will “look the part”, however provides shade rather than rain cover.

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