Forno Braga Woodfired Pizza Oven

$1,695.00 including GST

There is nothing quite like a nice hot pizza or a roast cooked in a woodfired oven.
These Ovens are 100% handmade using the oldest traditional Mediterranean methods allied with the latest finishing products. The design, construction and materials used allow these ovens to reach cooking temperatures of over 350°C in under an hour under normal conditions using quality wood.

Using a woodfired oven for cooking is not an exact science so you will need to “get to know” your oven and its capabilities by experimenting a little initially but the effort will be well worth it.


Forno Braga ovens are made of refractory clay bricks, fired in a wood fired tunnel oven at 900 to 1000C for 72 hours. Their composition allows them to absorb heat quickly and retain heat for long periods therefore saving fuel.

During construction, the floor tiles are placed on vermiculite insulation and the bricks of the dome are reinforced with wire through each layer as they are built and covered in a special compound of refractory cement, reinforced further with wire mesh, then a 30mm layer of rock wool insulation is placed over the complete dome, fixed in place with more chicken mesh before a final 40mm coat of refractory cement.

The base of Forno Braga wood fired ovens is in 7 cm thick reinforced concrete, with a steel loop on each corner for easy lifting.

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