Natural products bring nature back to the playground

BRUSTICS Tropical Playhouses comply with the requirements of NZS 5828:2004 Playground Equipment and Surfacing when installed in accordance with our specifications and have passed the ROSPA approval criteria.

  • ROSPA approved
  • Building Permits not required
  • Cool Shade
  • Variety of sizes

Building Permit
Because our playground structure design has been compliance verified by a professional engineer no building permit is normally required, however in some cases proximity to boundaries or other aspects may mean a consent must be obtained.

Cool Shade
Because it “breaths” when used as the roof covering, temperatures  under a thatch roof are typically 10-15% cooler than ambient temperatures. A great place to hold school cultural events or summer classes.



If you are looking to create a 100% natural school outdoor classroom then there is no substitute for thatch.  These outdoor classrooms can be created to your school's individual requirements. Built from natural hardwood (sourced from sustainable production) and traditional thatch the buildings are environmentally sound and provide a unique outdoor teaching area.

We can also provide fale options; An outdoor classroom - that can be the focal point for cultural learning, the temperature under the gazebo is typically 10 degrees lower than exterior temperatures.


Cabanas, Fale roofs, and Umbrellas – we offer a range of kitsets designed to provide the best result if DIY install is preferred. The thatch is easily installed on a gable roof, however requires a special roof design to install on hip roofs. If you don’t know the difference between the two, please ask.


Please note; fees apply to design roof structures and or re-design or rectify installations where we have not designed and or installed previously. See Brustics price list for sizes.

Our Te Pataka (Food Storage House) kitset is made from brush panels – the Te Pataka offers the opportunity to bring real life to the curriculum. Koruru, Maihi and Amo – face and bargeboards – can be carved or painted by the students allowing customisation and hands on participation.


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