Curing your Woodfired Oven

** Failure to cure your oven correctly will invalidate your warranty.

When the wood fired oven arrives, there will still be moisture in the refractory front and bricks, and in order for it to work efficiently and minimize cracking of the outer shell, it needs to be dried out slowly and thoroughly (cured) over a minimum period of 5 days. It is common to have some cracking in the refractory cements of the outside surface of your oven. Serious cracking occurs when the oven is fired at a very high temperature if it is not dried out thoroughly because of rapid expansion of steam within the masonry. Improper curing can cause serious damage to the  ovens bricks and considerably shorten the life of your oven.

To use your oven efficiently and keep it in top condition it is important to follow these instructions carefully.

Day 1, Light a small fire in the middle of the oven with the door left open, using small pieces of dry wood and keep it going for several hours if possible, but not exceeding 60°C

Day 2, Repeat process with a larger fire not exceeding 100°C

Day 3, Repeat process increasing the temperature up to 150°C

Day 4, Repeat process increasing the temperature up to 200°C

Day 5, Repeat process increasing the temperature up to 250°C

Please look at the You tube link below for a better understanding of the curing process

Close the oven door at the end of each firing session to allow the oven to cool slowly overnight
It is very important that the recommended temperature is not exceeded during the first 2 days of curing.
For accuracy you will need to use a laser digital thermometer (readily available on Trademe).
Stand approximately 1.5m in front of the oven and point the laser beam inside the oven
and away from the flames to get a better reading of the surrounding temperature.
If in doubt, it is best to keep the fire smaller rather than larger over a longer period.
Note. If your oven is not kept under cover and it is not being used for long periods during cold and wet months, it will absorb moisture and will need to be dried out again by repeating the process from
Day 3 onwards, a couple of days before cooking.

If you have followed the curing instructions above, your oven will be ready to use for cooking.

Learn “how to light a fire“.

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