Pivot BBQ Grill

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Introducing the Pivot BBQ Grill

Our Pivot BBQ Grill features an innovative flip grill system. With this grill, you will achieve perfect and even cooking on both sides thanks to the stainless-steel flip system.

Why should you choose The Pivot BBQ Grill?

  • Ease of handling - It's as easy as pushing down the handle. Flipping food has never been simpler.
  • Flavour – If you haven't experienced the taste of food cooked with charcoal, you're missing out. Cooking with charcoal on the Pivot BBQ Grill is a great way to get a subtle smokiness into your food without it being overwhelming.
  • Practical - The size of this grill makes it easy to cater for larger groups. The grill has a large surface area making it easier to cook steaks, burger patties, kebabs, and vegetables for bigger groups. Due to the high heat of charcoal cooking, your food will be cooked in a short time frame.
  • Portability - The Pivot BBQ Grill has two wheels for ease of relocation around your property.
  • Availability - Charcoal is available almost anywhere. You can find a decent selection at your local supermarket and The Warehouse. Larger selections can be found at Mitre Ten and Bunnings Warehouse.
  • Quality -  Weather resistant.

The Pivot BBQ Grill was designed to enhance the cooking experience with Charcoal.
The grill is made with non-welded rods which makes the cleaning process simple. 
One of the positives of cooking with the Pivot BBQ Grill is that you won’t have the flames flaring up as you have with a gas grill.  Once your briquettes are heated and set (just starting to whiten) you’re in business with a consistent amount of heat.

What's Included?
-You will receive one flat-pack Pivot BBQ Grill which will take roughly one hour to assemble
-Grill with ash collector
-Wooden side plank
-Silicon heatproof grill mitt

Depth: 55cm
Height: 98cm
Weight: 56KG
Dimensions of the cooking surface 85x50cm

Pivot BBQ Grill $995


Width: 115cm
Depth: 55cm
Height: 98cm
: 56KG
Dimensions of the cooking surface 85x50cm