Maximus trial

Red Hot Maximus Woodfired Oven Trial

You can now trial the Maximus portable woodfired outdoor oven at home for 3 nights, for just $150 incl. GST. That way you can see – and taste – for yourself why it's so hotly in demand and our customers glow about it! 

During the trial, we expect you'll get all fired up over the portability, high build quality and performance of the Maximus, as well as its sizzling price of only $1795 inc. GST (after trial rebate). But if it doesn't ignite your senses, simply return the oven to us at no further cost.

It's a sure-fire way to know that the Maximus is perfecto! 

Contact us at or phone 0800 BRUSTICS (0800 278 784) for more details about this scorching hot offer. 

Terms and Conditions – things you need to know: 

We (Brustics Brushwood Fences Ltd / Brustics) are inviting customers to trial a standard Maximus woodfired outdoor oven for $150 including GST for three nights. If you would like to keep the Maximus, simply let us know and we’ll deduct the trial cost from the full price (i.e. you’ll just pay $1,645).

Here are the terms and conditions that you need to know and agree to:

  1. You will need to pick up and drop off the Maximus during our opening hours (Monday-Friday 8am to 5pm and Saturday 9am-2pm, excluding holiday days).
  2. This agreement is subject to stock availability; there are only 5 hire ovens in rotation, so please check the website to confirm availability.
  3. The duration of the trial is 3 nights, however if the return date would be a Sunday or a Brustics non-working day, you will need to return the Maximus during Brustics’ opening hours. You will be told the expected return date upon acceptance of this agreement.
  4. If you wish to purchase an oven, you will need to let us know on or before the return date during business hours. Brustics reserves the right to charge a daily late fee of $50 incl. GST for each day past the return date.
  5. Failure to return the Maximus within four business days (including Saturday) of the specified return date (and not communicating an agreement to buy) will be considered as a de facto agreement to purchase the Maximus and payment must be paid as specified below.
  6. Payment must be made within one week of the trial start date and can be made via online banking, in store (EFTPOS) or by credit card.
  7. Your credit card number will be placed on file and charged if payment is not made in time or if a late fee is levied. In the event of insufficient funds or a cancelled credit card, this account may be passed to a debt collection company and debt collection costs may be added to the amount outstanding.
  8. It may be possible that the hire Maximus oven you receive has been used several times previously. If you wish to purchase a Maximus, you can swap it for a new one, or you may choose to keep the one you have been given. In that instance there are no further discounts on the purchase price and you agree that minor wear and marks are acceptable as per this agreement. Such marks will not affect the performance of the Maximus and it still covered by our standard warranty. If the Maximus you have been given was new at the time of trial then your only option would be to keep this same unit if you wish to buy it. 
  9. You are responsible for returning the Maximus in reasonable condition, otherwise you will be liable for repair and/or cleaning costs.
  10. This offer is not transferable to any other person. Accordingly you may not lend the Maximus to any other person or party during the trial period.
  11. You will need to provide photo identification, as well as credit card details to trial the Maximus.
  12. This offer is only for the standard Maximus oven and only available to customers living in the greater Auckland region.