Brustics.  Experts in providing natural privacy and shade for landscaping solutions.


Brustics was established in August 1996 to import Melaleuca brush panels from it’s Australian, partner manufacturing operation, for which it obtained a design patent. We specialise in natural solutions for privacy, fencing, shelter, shade and landscaping. The Australian Brushwood fence has been complimented with a range of Bamboo, Tea Tree and Thatch Gazebo sourced locally and internationally.

As with many a small business it is the interest in the products, projects and ultimately our customers that interests us most and the team at Brustics are daily delighted by the feedback from our customers and amazed by the innovated use of our products by customers. We really appreciate your photos and feedback.

Our products are mostly made from natural or re-cycled materials from renewable resources. In some cases our supplier relationships involve partnerships, in all cases the supply arrangements have been in place for several years and involve product development and extension. We greatly appreciate your feedback as it helps us improve our products and there application.

There is a wealth of information about our products and uses on our website, however because our products are natural, “naturally” there are distinctions i.e. not all pieces are identical, this can produce variations in the final installed build unless you are experienced with the product, which is why we are here to provide advice, please ask.