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Maximum Performance - on the Go - with the Maximus Prime

This portable oven is capable of up to 150 units (8 Inch) or 80 units (12 Inch) of pizzas an hour or you can cook anything you like in it, to get that authentic “wood-fired” flavour. Made in Portugal, this oven is ideal for cooking pizza, bread, meat, fish, vegetables, and other dishes that suit woodfired flavours.

The Maximus Prime pizza oven can cook pizza perfectly in just 90 seconds after a 20 min heat-up time! You can bake 5 pizzas at 8 inch or 3 pizzas at 12 inches at a time.

Why is it so popular?

Manufacture was started over 5 years ago and to date over 9000 units have been sold worldwide.

Because it’s portable, heats up faster and does not have the weight and support issues associated with traditional wood-fired ovens, which are typically ½ a tonne or more. Yet the oven is 90 x 90 cm on the inside, more than enough room to accommodate 3 good size pizzas, or you can use the complimentary clay baking dish that comes with the oven - for meat, fish or bread.

This makes it the perfect choice if;

  • You are renting or have a bach (crib to the Southerners) and want to “take it with you”
  • You want the choice of woodfired food at a moment’s notice
  • You want an oven that is economical to run – typically only 2-3 kilos of dry wood per hour
  • You want an oven you can put on a wooden deck
  • You enjoy cooking with family or friends – using Maximus is an event.

Maximus Prime Woodfired Outdoor Oven - Brick Face $2895.00

Maximus Prime Woodfired Outdoor Oven - Schist Face $2995.00

Stainless Steel Wood Fired Oven Rack $99.95


Maximus offers the best of both worlds. It can reach very high temperatures (typically cooked at 250- 300°C for pizza but also maintain lower heat for bread, lasagnas, rice, slow roasts etc



The oven weights approx. 135 kg, 100x100 cm on the outside, 90 x90cm inside, and 113 cm high incl. the removable chimney.

The floor of the oven consists of 9 large refractory bricks. The dome of the oven is a double wall: stainless steel on the inside and aluminium on the outside. Inside the double wall of the oven and also underneath the floor tiles is ceramic blanket insulation to provide heat retention for your cooking.

The oven features an innovative stainless steel baffle inside. The baffle makes the hot fire smoke travel back and forth inside the oven thereby extracting more heat from the hot smoke and ensuring cleaner air emissions. This is the system employed in most modern EPA heating wood stoves, it results in higher heat efficiency and reduced air pollution.

The chimney is removable to provide compactness for transportation and is made from painted stainless steel for maximum durability. There are currently over 9000 ovens are in use around the world.

  • Inside Diameter: 90x90cm

External Dimensions:

  • Width: 100cm
  • Depth: 100cm
  • Height: 77cm (excluding flue)
  • Weight: 135kgs
  • Output: Up to 150 units (cm) or 80 units (40cm) 
  • Pizza Capacity: 5 pizzas 8inch - 3 Pizzas 12inch
  • Wood consumption: 5kgs Hour
  • Available only in Black

Construction of the Maximus Prime

  • Outside: Aluminium wall
  • Inside: Stainless steel Double wall with a high-temperature ceramic blanket and a special fire-Blanket.
  • Floor: Refractory Tiles
  • Front: Refractory cement (lafarge) and inside structure forged iron
  • Chimney: 100% Stainless steel
  • Shipped in a crate and wood crate.


  • Heating time (300º): 30 minutes
  • Weight: 135kg
  • The ideal solution for restaurants, Pubs, and catering businesses
  • Economic: 5 kgs per hour of wood consumption
  • Eco friend: 90% less smoke
  • 100% portable (Three persons)

Items Included

  • Instructions
  • Woodfired oven; the only assembly required is to slot on flue (with vent) no tools required.
  • Door with vents
  • Thermometer
  • Easy lighting steel grate
  • Stainless steel fire retaining plate
  • Pizza Peel (needs fixing to handle with one nut and bolt supplied)
  • Spare fire brick

All Maximus ovens are covered by a 2-year manufacturer's warranty.

“The oven has been awesome so far.... tried it out when the family came around and now my mother has ordered one for herself!”

- Jordan Sheed, Dunedin


“Making up the pizzas is a family activity.. everyone gets to try each other’s recipe and it makes for a dinner where everyone is involved."

-The Harrisons, Auckland


“I love the Maximus Pizza oven. It has served me well for over a year and shows no signs of stopping. 
Cooked at around 400c pizzas are ready in 60 to 90 seconds and cook evenly top and bottom. This is a rare and major feat, particularly for such a small oven.
You’ll only ever fit one pizza in at a time, but it will cook so fast that you’ll barely be able to keep up.
Roasts develop a great flavour thanks to the wood fire. Roast potatoes are amazing!”



“As you know we bought a second pizza oven for our home as we were so impressed with the first one we purchased for the Bach. We generally use it for cooking pizzas which are always a hit – fast and authentic tasting – but also it has done some great casseroles (think boneless chicken thighs with spices, vegetables, coconut cream all in a cast iron pot) left to cook away in the pizza oven.  Also roasting peanuts in the oven are a great pre dinner nibble – you get a lovely smoky flavor. And precooked mussels opened in their shell topped with garlic and Parmesan – perfect! The pizza ovens are a great piece of entertainment, they look good (not like some of those homemade jobs!) and they have added value to our homes.  Very impressed.  Highly recommended.”



“Just wanted to let you know that the pizza oven which we purchased from you recently is now installed and used regularly with joy. We are very happy with our purchase, the oven is a highlight in our garden setting and entertaining.”


All Maximus ovens are covered by a 2-year manufacturer's warranty.

**  Before you use your oven please follow these instructions (and important safety advice) to ensure that you get the most of your purchase.  **

Failure to cure your oven correctly will invalidate your warranty.

  • Install the thermometer and the smoke – cowl before lighting the oven.
  • Find a suitable/strong/level surface to position your oven outdoors – away from all combustible materials (see safety advice)
  • Always bin/recycle packaging carefully as they are a potential source of danger to children and pets.
  • Please unpack your oven carefully – DO NOT USE A SHARP KNIFE.
  • Do NOT move when alight or hot.
  • Always lift/move the oven with three people as the oven weight is 135 kilos (about 295 pounds) it should always be moved by three persons even if using the Wood Stand cart or not.
  • When the wood fired oven arrives, there will still be moisture in the refractory front and bricks, this must dry slowly to allow the water to leave as steam, to prevent cracks.
  • When Firing the Wood Fired Oven for the first time, make a small fire in the centre of the Wood Fired Oven, building it up slowly over 3 or 4 hours to 200 degrees.
  • The front may very occasionally develop a hairline crack, this is nothing to worry about and will in no way effect the long term durability of the product unlike traditional brick, cast or clay ovens.
  • Please check our video how to do: http://youtu.be/_nMfXBooPRk
  • Over time it maybe possible the appearance of very fine hair line cracks is expected in the refractory front, this is naturally caused by the expansion and contraction of the wood fired oven during operation, this will not affect the longevity and will not impair performance and effectiveness of the oven.
  • Failure to cure your oven correctly will invalidate your warranty.
  • The oven is designed to burn dry, seasoned wood (avoid wood that has been treated/painted with chemicals).
  • If you want to reach and keep a high temperature for a certain time, we recommend oak, hornbeam or chestnut (hardwoods).BEFORE LIGHTING THE OVEN ALWAYS CHECK THAT THERE ARE NOT OBJECTS



  • Use a small amount of kindling to ignite fire to the left or right hand side of oven, between the oven wall and the supplied retaining plate. As the fire gets going, add further small quantities of dry firewood until the fire is established. When the fire is established we recommend using the oven door to control airflow to regulate the fire and bring it up to desired temperature.
  • For cooking tips and hints – visit “youtube” woodfired ovens.


3.  SIGNAL WORDS DANGER, WARNING, or CAUTION will alert you to important SAFETY information.


DANGER will identify the most serious hazard. Please read all safety information contained in this Owner’s Guide before operating this outdoor oven.

DANGER – Failure to follow the Dangers, Warnings and Cautions contained in this Owner’s Manual may result in serious bodily injury or death, or in a fire or an explosion causing damage to property.

  • Do not use indoors! This oven is designed for outdoor use ONLY. If used indoors, toxic fumes will accumulate and cause serious bodily injury or death.
  • Only use this oven outdoors in a well-ventilated area.
  • Do not use in a garage, building, breezeway or any other enclosed area.
  • Do not use this oven under any overhead combustible construction.
  • Improper assembly may be dangerous – Please follow the assembly instructions in this manual. Do not use oven unless all parts are in place.
  • Do not add starter fluid or charcoal impregnated with lighter fluid to hot or warm oven.
  • Do not use gasoline, alcohol or other highly volatile fluids to ignite the oven.
  • Do not alter / disassemble or modify this oven in any way, this will invalidate any guarantee and may result in serious bodily injury or death, or in a fire or an explosion causing damage to property.
  • You should ALWAYS exercise reasonable care when operating your oven. It will be hot during cooking and should never be left unattended during use.
  • Do not leave infants, children or pets unattended near a hot oven. Do not attempt to move a hot oven. Allow the oven to cool before moving.
  • Do not use this oven within five feet of any combustible material. Combustible materials include, but are not limited to wood or treated wood decks, patios and porches.
  • Do not remove ashes until all is completely burned out and are fully extinguished.
  • ALWAYS put ashes in fireproof container and allow to cool.
  • Do not wear clothing with loose flowing sleeves while lighting or using the oven.
  • Do not use oven in high winds.


  • Keep the oven on a secure, strong and level surface at all times, clear of combustible material.
  • Never touch the metal components of oven to see if they are hot.
  • Do not use water to control flare-ups or to extinguish fire, as it may damage the oven, Close air intake using the doors.
  • Oven mitts should always be worn while cooking, adjusting air flow if needed or adding more wood.
  • Use proper oven tools, with long, heat-resistant handles.
  • Do not place a hot oven door or tools on carpeting or grass.
  • Never dump hot ashes where they might be stepped on or be a fire hazard.
  • Never dump ashes before they are fully extinguished.
  • Do not store oven until ashes are fully extinguished.
  • Keep the cooking area clear of flammable vapor and liquids, such as gasoline, alcohol, etc., and combustible material.
  • Keep electrical wires and cords away from the hot surfaces of the oven and away from high traffic areas.
  • The use of alcohol, prescription or non-prescription drugs may impair the consumer’s ability to properly assemble or safely operate the oven.
  • This Maximus oven is not intended to be installed in or on recreational vehicles and/or boats.
  • This oven is not intended for and should never be used as a heater.


  • Before cleaning wait for the oven to cool completely.
  • Do not use sharp objects or abrasive cleaners to clean the oven or remove ashes as this may damage the finish.
  • The oven should be thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis to keep it in good working order
  • Do not use chemicals which may be detrimental to health.


  • Wash your hands thoroughly with hot, soapy water before starting any meal preparation and after handling fresh meat, fish, and poultry.
  • Do not defrost meat, fish, or poultry at room temperature. Defrost in the refrigerator.
  • Never place cooked food on the same plate the raw food was on.
  • Wash all plates and cooking utensils which have come into contact with raw meats or fish with hot, soapy water and rinse.


Click here to view/download Maximus Woodfired Oven Brochure

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